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Physiotherapy is the health profession responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of
movement related dysfunctions of the human body.

We adhere to professional ethical and cultural guidelines

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We can assist you to return to your normal levels of activity after spinal injuries, joint sprains and strains, occupational and sports injuries. We can help you improve and maintain function if you suffer from osteoarthritis or have had or are about to have joint replacement surgery. Conditions such as headache, vertigo, TMJ (jaw) pain can also be helped.

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Richard J Hopkins

B.Sc (Canterbury) M.H.Sc (Otago) Dip. Manipulative Therapy, Ad. Dip.Phys. (Orthopaedic Manual Therapy) MNZSP, MNZCP

Wendy Cooper

Dip. Phys. (Otago) Ad. Dip. Phys. (Orthopaedic Manual Therapy) (Auckland)

Wendy has extensive experience as a physiotherapist in a variety of settings, having worked in New Zealand, the UK and for a touch of excitement in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf war. Her particular interests are Manual therapy and fitness for health.

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Professional Affiliations

Physiotherapy Associates has a professional association with the following:

Physiotherapy Associates is an
Endorsed ACC Provider.

We can also order X-ray, ultrasound scans and further referral where indicated without you having to visit your doctor.

“For injuries covered by ACC there is a part-charge for Physiotherapy services, there may also be a charge for materials used, e.g. strapping braces and orthotics

We work in liason with other healthcare providers such as your G.P. or Specialist, copies of X-ray reports and the like are automatically forwarded to them for inclusion in your medical records

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Physiotherapy Associates provides accurate assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal problems with appropriate investigation and referral when required.


Physiotherapy Associates can minimize your time away from sports activity with accurate assessment of injuries, appropriate treatment and managed return to full activity.


Physiotherapy Associates can assist you with pain control and relief with graded activity programmes to improve function, neural mobilisation, acupuncture and electrotherapy.


We can help you to maximise recovery after surgery through joint mobilisation, pain relief, strengthening programmes and planned, graduated, return to normal daily and recreation activity.

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Tel: 03 389 7196

Email: admin@physioa.co.nz

Physiotherapy Associates
86a Wainoni Road
Christchurch 8061
New Zealand

Located opposite Porritt Park; in the block of shops on the corner of Bickerton Street and Wainoni Rd

Postgraduate research and teaching

Physiotherapy services to provincial and national sports teams

Ergonomic training in industry

Return to work and sport programmes

Fitness for health programmes

Women's health

Breathing retraining for respiration and hyperventilation problems

Spinal Manipulative Physiotherapy

Orthopaedic Manual Therapy

knowledge and Experience

Our treatment process flows through 3 stages; firstly diagnosis and control of the acute symptoms, secondly restoration of normal function and finally prevention of recurrence. These stages mix and mingle to a varying degree depending on the underlying problem. Knowledge and information is power. If you have a good understanding of your problem and how and why it behaves as it does, you are in a better position to manage and control it. To this end we try to explain and demonstrate what is happening using various methods including diagrams, texts, digital photographs, models, and computer simulations of joint and muscle actions.